The ear protector is a simple solution which stops sore ears by removing the pressure and friction from wearing a Face Mask for extended periods of time. 

We supply in large volumes to companies and institutions like the NHS whose employees are required to wear Face Masks for work.

We are also excited to announce that we now supply to the general public online via

the Boots Hearingcare website.

As Face Masks are a one size fits all solution, using the ear protector allows the wearer to have flexibility with the sizing and fit of the mask. Many users say not only are they more comfortable but they have improved mask fitting. People who wear a hearing aid or a head covering will particularly benefit from the ear protector, as it enables them to wear both comfortably.

For those who have to wear a Face Mask for work, the ear protector is not a “nice to have” but a welcome addition to your PPE and work wear.

Face Masks are now mandatory for all staff and visitors to Health establishments. A Face Covering is also compulsory when using public transport or visiting enclosed public spaces.  Outside of the UK the World Health Organisation (WHO), has stated that all persons should wear a Face Mask in public when social distancing isn’t possible.

Watch the ear protector video and learn more about the products origins and the people who manufacture it.

The ear protector is designed to be disposable and is 100% recyclable. We produce the ear protectors from recycled Polypropylene.

The ear protector is made from Polypropylene (PP). Polypropylene is a polymer plastic and is part of the ‘polyolefin’ (polymers produced from alkenes) family. It has many qualities such as being versatile and tough, but as a semi rigid material, it is also flexible at the same time. Most importantly, it is recyclable.

The ear protectors have been designed so they can be sterilised simply and easily at home in a dishwasher. Suitable for reuse inline with local guidance.

what our end users say

When the ear protector came to the market I jumped at the chance to offer this to the NHS trusts that I have been working with for years. I have seen how my NHS colleagues have been struggling with the comfort of wearing face masks all day. Other PPE equipment affects them greatly, so with this product, I was able to at least minimise their ear soreness.

― Sara Taylor, Procurement Specialist

The ear protectors work well and are very comfortable. If you have long hair that is not under a surgical cap, they are a little tricky but once you find the sweet spot, they are fabulous.

Bronwyn Van Wyk – Front Line Nurse NHS

who we supply to

NHS & Private

We supply to industries whose staff will be in regular contact with the general public. Airports, hospitality, entertainment and public transport companies employees are examples of some of the people who will be wearing disposable face masks for long periods of time. A safe and comfortable employee is a content employee.

Other Industries

NHS Hospitals and Trusts as well as private health care providers work with us to provide the ear protector not only to their staff who are working on the front line, but those who work in hospitals, rehabilitation units and other departments, to protect themselves and their patients simply and comfortably.

General Public

We are thrilled to announce that the ear protector can now be purchased online at the Boots Hearingcare website. People who struggle with wearing a Face Mask and a hearing aid, glasses or head covering will benefit from the ear protector.