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Tuesday 20 October 2020 – United Kingdom

The ear protector face mask extender is now available to be purchased online at Boots Hearingcare.

The ear protector is a simple solution that stops sore ears by removing the pressure and friction from wearing a Face Mask for extended periods of time. We supply in large volumes to companies and industries whose employees are required to wear Face Masks for work and are proud to supply the ear protector to numerous NHS Trusts across the UK.

Demand for the ear protector to be available to the general public has been high and we have been committed to finding a retail partner who could best serve the public with our product, in particular members of the public who have difficulty in wearing a Face Mask with a hearing aid, glasses and head coverings.

We are thrilled to announce that the ear protector is now available to purchase online via the Boots Hearingcare website.

Craig Pyser CEO of AMufacture, who manufactures the ear protector, explains further:

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Boots Hearingcare with our ear protectors. The feedback from users from the healthcare community is that the face mask extenders have been so beneficial and one of those accessories you never knew you needed! Working with the team at Boots Hearingcare has given us the opportunity to fully understand the issues for those having to wear their hearing aids and mask together and so pleased that we are able to deliver our simple innovation to solve that problem.”

Daniel Winter, Commercial Executive at Boots Hearingcare said:

“The opportunity to introduce “the ear protector” to our eCommerce platform at Boots Hearingcare was one too good not to take up. We’ve been looking for an innovative solution for sometime that will help those with Hearing Aids safely and securely wear a face mask without the worry of their hearing aids falling off or their mask being incorrectly fitted. It’s been a pleasure working with Craig and the Team at AMufacture and we’re delighted about how popular the product has been already after just one day of being on sale.”

A pack of 2 ear protectors can be purchased from the Boots Hearingcare website. Larger commercial orders can be purchased direct via

Wednesday 19 August 2020 – United Kingdom

LBC Radio

Nick Ferrari talks about the mandatory use of face masks in shops and in other public areas and how some people are still struggling to wear one. He mentions The Ear Protector as a clever product that helps with face mask use. Although he mentions that the product can help with large head sizes, we would like to confirm that we supply for all head shapes and sizes, but our main aim is to help people to wear face mask comfortably.

Monday 27 July 2020 – United Kingdom

BBC Radio Solent Drive Time

Interview with Will Howden, COO at The Ear Protector and designer of the product talks to BBC Radio Solent about the story behind The Ear Protector and its introduction into the NHS.

Thursday 23 July 2020 – United Kingdom

The Ear Protector

Olympic Sailor designs and produces new PPE accessory on an industrial scale to help those who experience ear pain from wearing face masks

For many, wearing a mask is not just uncomfortable it can cause rubbing and pain around the ears too. Will Howden, former Olympic sailor known on the Extreme Sailing Series and America’s Cup circuit, has designed an innovative solution – The Ear Protector.

Will Howden coached the American and Dutch Tornado class teams in the 2004 Athens Olympics and won silver at the 2005 Tornado World Championships in La Rochelle. He competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and always knew he would return to his other passion, design and engineering, when it was time to leave his sailing career behind.

In 2018 he joined forces with Craig Pyser, who bought a composites business from 3M in 2009, creating a springboard into the world of composites. Will and Craig together launched the company AMufacture, a 3D printing company designing and manufacturing solutions for some of the marine industry’s toughest problems. Will has refined his approach over the years and now delivers winning solutions to some of the country’s leading marine companies and aeronautical designs for America’s Cup boats.

When COVID-19 spread to the UK, AMufacture immediately repurposed some of their capacity and began 3D printing their own designs of face shields which they donated to NHS front line workers.

William Howden COO of AMufacture explains further:

“During this difficult time, we were inundated with requests from friends and family, who had a brief idea of what we did, and asked us if we could help. Naturally, we said yes and initially started to look at the current design of the shields. We made a few moderations and we were able to start 3D printing batches in a couple of days. It soon became apparent to us that there was a serious need to address an unresolved problem with face masks – people were really beginning to suffer and were getting distracted from their work.”

The Ear Protector, designed and manufactured in the UK, is a simple and versatile solution aimed at helping those who must wear face masks. It is particularly suited to people who have sensitive ears and skin or simply must wear masks for extended periods.

Craig Pyser, CEO of AMufacture said:

 “Whilst a large part of our client base has predominantly been the marine industry as well as the composite market, drawing on our previous experience, we wanted to help.  Though we normally design and manufacture products for America’s Cup yachts and industrial clients, we were keen to see if our design skills could assist those working on the frontline. It has been very successful, some of our first customers were large NHS trusts, and we have ramped up production so now, all those that need to wear a face mask can do so with comfort”.

The Ear Protector is now available directly via the products website with the intention of being available soon on NHS frameworks. Companies outside of the NHS are encouraged to contact directly.

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